Please make sure to check the table in the foyer for information regarding your visitation team.  Also, if you are not on a team and would like to join one, please see Ron Johnson, Clarence Deloach, or Dan Huffines.

    Visitation Program Teams


    Team 1: Shut-ins at home

    Chair: Dan Miller

    Co-chair: Dennis Hood


    Team 2: Nursing Homes (NHC, Signature, Life Care, Bethesda, etc.)

    Chair: Don Wagnon

    Co-chair: Charles Bean


    Team 3: Independent Care Homes (Heritage Point, Cedar Hills, Senior Lifestyles, Morningside, Upper Cumberland Christian Home, etc.)

    Chair: Frank Webb

    Co-chair: Mike Smith


    Team 4: Members Needing Encouragement (Continued Absentee, In Hospital, Sick, Tests, Death in the Family, Personal)

    Chair: Jonathan Medley

    Co-chair: Jimmy Key


    Team 5: Cards and Calls (Sick, Sympathy, Hospital, Tests, Rehab, on-going health issues, Request Prayers, Responses to Invitation, Spiritual)

    Chair: Justin Pace

    Co-chair: Ronnie Brown


    Team 6: New Families, New Members, and New Christians (Follow up and Responses)

    Chair: Jim Briggs

    Co-chair: Art Montgomery


    Team 7: Prospects for Bible Studies

    Clarence Deloach                     Larry Harp

    Jeremiah Tatum                        John Hudson

    Chase Fletcher                          Dan Huffines

    Mike Dyer                                Gary Risley

    Dewight Stamps                       Reed Wilson

    Tim Woodward                        Jeff Gaw