Willow Avenue Youth (WAY)

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"Our youth group at Willow Avenue is a very active group.  We are constantly involved with classes, devotionals, after school hangouts, Monday nights together, retreats, and various other events.  The idea behind our youth program is that while the parents are training up their children in the way of the Lord, the youth program aids in this process to help our youth grow up to be strong, rooted Christians.  By the time they graduate from high school and are ready to move on, we want them to have such a strong foundation in their OWN faith that nothing will be able to move them."

        - Chase Fletcher, Youth Minister

Notes From Chase

  • Please go ahead and mark your calendars for our stateside mission trip to Minnesota June 1st-7th, as well as, our summer camp at Short Mt. Bible Camp June 16th-21st. 

Spring 2019 Calendar

Calendar Key

  • T4C = Teens 4 Christ at a local congregation that particular Sunday night

  • Alive = Theme for Evangelism University this year

  • Way Day = After school organized chaos till church starts

  • Youth Rally = Annual youth rally called Ignite hosted by us with Lonnie Jones as our guest speaker this year

  • CYC = Annual youth conference in Pigeon Forge

  • Fall Retreat = Location at Whispering Pines - an incredible weekend lies ahead

  • L2L = Lads to Leaders convention at Opryland Hotel

  • Spring Retreat = Lonnie Jones' ropes course in Huntsville, Alabama

  • Campbellball = organized wiffle ball at the Hensons' with a small devo 

Photos of our group

Short Mountain Bible Camp 2018

Mexico Mission Trip 2018

Fall Retreat 2018

CYC 2019

Young at Heart Banquet 2019