Willow Avenue Youth (WAY)

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"Our youth group at Willow Avenue is a very active group.  We are constantly involved with classes, devotionals, after school hangouts, Monday nights together, retreats, and various other events.  The idea behind our youth program is that while the parents are training up their children in the way of the Lord, the youth program aids in this process to help our youth grow up to be strong, rooted Christians.  By the time they graduate from high school and are ready to move on, we want them to have such a strong foundation in their OWN faith that nothing will be able to move them."

        - Chase Fletcher, Youth Minister

Upcoming Events and Spring Calendar


January 12-14 - Evangelism University

  • This is a youth rally for high schoolers located in Savannah, Tennessee.  It's a great weekend to get away and challenge ourselves to grow as Christians and be more evangelistic in our efforts.  There are great keynote speakers, great teachers, and awesome singing.


February 23-25 - CYC (Challenge Youth Conference)

  • This is a youth conference for 7th-12th graders located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  It's amazing that thousands of Christians come together in one place to worship and grow.  The singing is unbelievable with that many people, and you hear some amazing lessons.  It's an perfect weekend to take to the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area.


Spring Calendar

A few Photos of our group